The Hideout




Hideout Burger in Mansfield, TX has been around since 2010. Directly across from Methodist Hospital on Broad St, the Hideout specializes in Burgers. From Veggie Burgers to the infamous Ghost Burger, Hideout Burgers has something for everyone at prices that are extremely reasonable.



  Fun for the entire family, Hideout Burgers is great for date night or after a football game. Kids love the burgers and fried pickles, while adults enjoy the fact that the burgers are made with a 1/2 pound of  100% beef. All burgers are made to order, meaning our burgers are never stored under a heat lamp and our fries are made on the spot.



.Everyone knows that the only ice cream out there is the incredible Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream. That’s why all our shakes are made with nothing but the best from Blue Bell. You can also get it on cones

4 comments to The Hideout

  • Michael Henshaw says:

    Hello. I just want to say a couple of things. First and foremost. Your burgers are awesome. fried jalapenos and fried mushrooms are too. EVERYTHING is seriously perfect except….the ordinary ranch dressing. a homemade buttermilk or something other than what yall have would be great. I can tell that your people care very much about the quality of your food as I have tasted it, so the little added expense of a great ranch sauce would greatly enhance the whole dining experience. AGAIN LOVE THE FOOD

  • Laura Patrick says:

    Could you please come out with nutritional fact on your food for those of that watch what we eat.

  • Jean O'Toole says:

    My daughter and I have eaten at Hideout Burgers twice in matter of a couple weeks. everything is delish. Service is wonderful and the lady who takes the orders is super special.

    Wednesday, July 30,I will be visiting ya’ll again with 2 friends. sounds silly, but I am so excited to eat there again.

  • Jean O'Toole says:

    just noticed you give a discount to the military. that is great. thanks so much. I have a grandson in the Navy and a grandson in the Army (in Africa).

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